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Noerr further expands presence in Brussels, responding to increasing prominence of EU antitrust and competition cases

Noerr expands its presence in Brussels, responding to the increasing prominence of EU antitrust and competition cases

Venturis Consulting Group congratulates Noerr with its expansion of their European office in Brussels.

After an in-depth strategic analysis of Noerr’s Brussels service offering and main business drivers, this is a major, first step to further expand Noerr’s presence and visibility in Brussels. As one of the largest European firms, Noerr intends to create a full-service, European and international practice in Brussels, including governmental relations and trade law.

As Fabian Badtke, Noerr’s Head of Antitrust and Competition observed:

” … competition and antitrust law have become ever more important in Brussels … and we envisage to add even more lawyers in Brussels, as both the volume and scope of EU cases is growing.”

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Noerr Nabs Head of Mayer Brown’s Brussels Office, Strengthening EU Presence

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What it means to Operate internationally

Next week Gerard Tanja will participate in the IBA Regional Forum Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia and speak about what it means for national, independent firms to operate internationally in terms of service delivery, project management and organizational structure.

After our successful client seminars at the Seoul Annual Conference of the IBA on international mergers and strategic client programs, this conference is another opportunity to focus on the consequences of internationalisation and market entries for the competitive positioning, referral strategies and culture of top-tier national firms.

IBA EuropeCaucasus-Asia Forum 2019

Legal Tech Challenges – Elsevier Legal Lunch

Together with the Dutch publisher Elsevier, Venturis Consulting Group organized a Legal Lunch discussion about the influence of Legal Tech in today’s market and strategic decisions for law firms. Robert van Beemen, partner at Venturis Consulting Group and specialized in Legal Tech, Mark Kater (AKD), Erwin Bos (Simmons & Simmons), Johan Koggink (Van Benthem & Keulen) en Arjen Paardekoper (Blenheim), discussed the strategic impact of Legal Tech on the legal profession and other developments in the legal market.

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Venturis Consulting Group and Elsevier – Family Law

Sabijn Dullaart, Partner at Venturis Consulting Group, discussed the current Family Law market with nine experts from Full-Service and Family Law firms during Elsevier’s Round Table. The Family Law practice in the Legal Sector has changed in the past years. The changes require a different way of working with other capabilities, a broader network of non-legal specialists and Legal Tech.

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Relocation of EMA – The Dutch Legal Healthcare and Life Sciences Landscape

In 2019 the European Medicines Agency (EMA) moves to Amsterdam. An economic boost for the city of Amsterdam, almost 900 highly skilled employees, 36,000 visitors per year. What are the strategic challenges and opportunities for legal firms?

In this market report Venturis Consulting Group investigates the current legal market regarding the Healthcare and Life Sciences sectors. Who are the main players in these sectors and which firms are the high potentials to benefit from the relocation of EMA?

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The Dutch Legal Magazine Mr. wrote an article (in Dutch) about the sector report.

#UIA Congress – How Legal Tech affects the strategy and positioning of law firms

The Law Firms Forum of the #UIA organized a working session at their annual congress in Toronto about Legal Tech – The Impact of Technology on the Legal Profession. On behalf of Venturis Consulting Group, Robert van Beemen joined the discussion panel and gave a presentation about how Legal Tech affects the current strategy and positioning of law firms; how it affects their business model and whether they should ‘fight’ it or embrace it…(the latter!).

Venturis Consulting Group and Elsevier – Market changes in M&A

Together with the Dutch publisher Elsevier, Venturis Consulting Group organized a lunch about current changes in Merger and Acquisition Law Firms in the Netherlands.

The advisory practice of M&A professionals changes a lot. The digitization of processes and the rise of new services causes a shift in the market conditions. Ten experts share their vision of their changing market.

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