Venturis Consulting Italy – Signed off the establishment of the first Italian company entirely dedicated to Law Firm strategy

Venturis Consulting, the leading European Law Firm Strategy consulting firm announced last Friday the formal kick off of its European expansion plan with the establishment of Venturis Consulting Italy S.r.l.. The Italian branch which will be led by the ex-Chiomenti Head of Business Development and CRM, Laura Pirillo and VCG Founder and Partner Gerard Tanja, will provide strategic advice to Italian and International law firms in the areas of strategy, organization and strategy execution.

Venturis – which has been servicing some of the most prominent law firms across Europe for almost 15 years – has been working with independent and international law firms in Italy for about 4 years undertaking several strategic restructuring projects and focusing on the design and development of their (international) strategies, BD models, and executing strategic reviews of governance and profit and practice management systems. Dr. Gerard Tanja: ‘’When Laura told me about her wish to build something different in Italy we felt it was the right time to invest into, what she told me, the very first Italian company dedicated to Law Firm strategy only”.

The Italian branch of Venturis will be acting in one of the most difficult / high-profile merger project in Italy and is currently involved in the execution of one of the Big 4 Accountancy firms growth program for its legal services offering.

‘’The establishment of the Italian company is just the first formal step of our wider European strategic expansion plan which will involve the integration of the Munich office of Kerma Partners and will act in a strategic alliance with Kerma Partners in LatAm and Warwick Place Legal in New York’’ says Dr. Gerard Tanja – Partner and founder of the Dutch-born Venturis Consulting Group”. ‘’Spain is next on our list’’ says Laura: ‘’Gerard and I have been talking about this for some time now. We want top, domestic firms to have access to the best international leading practices used by some of the most prominent firms abroad in consolidating and expanding their firms. Germany will be integrated in the next few weeks and Spain is the next market we’ll concentrate on”.

Venturis will further grow its Italian practice in Milan and aims to reinforce its legal business analysis, project management and consultancy capabilities over the next 6 months.


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