Mentoring and Coaching for Lawyers: Building Partnerships for Success

Rebecca Norman-Hochman, partner in the Paris office of Venturis Consulting Group edited a book on “Mentoring and Coaching for Lawyers – Building Partnerships for Success” on behalf of the International Bar Association

According to Rebecca there are various misconceptions about mentoring and coaching in law firms. The book covers topics like leadership coaching, mentoring a coaching for lawyers at various stages of their careers and mentoring and coaching for successful onboarding of lawyers. The contributors provide guidance and insight to law firm leaders and talent management managers for them to discover how they can turn mentoring and coaching into a source of competitive advantage by improving client service, attracting and retaining the best talent and enhancing the utilization of human capital.

Consulting editor: Rebecca Normand-Hochman
Publication date:
October 2014
214 pages
ISBN: 9781909416413